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Best Herbs To Grow For Tea

There is no denying it: Herbal tea is the best. Nothing in the world is quite like sitting down with a cup of herbal tea. Unless it is a tall glass of iced herbal tea. And nonone will talk you into ever going to a store and buying tea again, once you know how to grow your own tea herbs and make your own fresh tea.

You will have the satisfaction of having done it all yourself, from beginning to end. You will know for a fact that if you want your tea to be organic, it definitely is organic, with no recalls or uh-oh’s. You will have the money in your wallet that would otherwise have gone to something that sat on a store shelf for months. You will have the convenience of walking out your back door and grabbing the makings for tea, rather than having to get ready, then go to the store. And, as said before, you will have flavor!

Interested? Of course!

How To Grow Your Own Tea Herbs

Herbs are one of the easiest plants in the world to grow. In fact, some tea herbs need to be grown in a restricted area, like a raised brick bed, or a pot, just because they are liable to spread too much. We call these kinds of herbs “excitable”, because they simply love life. Also because it’s a lot shorter than “liable to spread too much”.

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Are You Starting Your Tea Herbs In A Cold Climate?

If you are starting your herb plants from seed, and doing so during a cold time of year, you will need:

  • Starter pots—about 2″ diameter
  • Potting soil
  • Grow light
  • Seeds

Put potting soil in the starter pots.

Add seeds. The number of seeds will vary, so please read the seed packet. Usually about 5-7 seeds per pot.

Push seeds down to twice their size. Since herb seeds are tiny, that means press them down as if pressing a button on your favorite remote. Water lightly.

Turn the grow light on for 4 hours a day UNLESS you get enough sunlight through a window to give your seedlings light for 4 hours a day. Then the grow light won’t be necessary.

The Easier Way To Start Seedlings

Get a plant pot, put planting soil in it, put it outside in a sunny spot, after the last frost. Sprinkle herb seeds around in the soil, press them down and water them.

After seeds sprout, give one or two seedlings their own spot. Usually a 6″ pot will do. But, again, it varies with the herb.

What Is The Easiest Way to Start a Plant?

Buy a seedling that is already started at the store. Yes, it’s cheating. But it’s fast.

Favourite Herbs To Grow For Tea

You know how to grow your own tea herbs. Now, Which herbs do you wish to grow?

Chocolate mint

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This is our favorite of all time. Remember those mint candies covered in chocolate? Or the yummy cookies sold every year? This smells and tastes just like those. It is “excitable”, but behaves pretty well if kept in its own container. Dies back in Winter, Comes back every Spring.


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Another excitable plant. Can boost the immune system and relieve aches and pains. But this does double duty. It is a bug repellent. It also mixes with other flavors well. Tastes like fresh mist, with hints of vanilla and fruit.

Lemon Balm

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A relative of mint, tastes like lemon and mint. Can boost mood and help with relaxing. Because it’s related to mint, it is excitable and needs its own pot.


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Helps with sleep, reduces inflammation. Tastes like mint and rose with a touch of rosemary.

Rose Hips

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Not the first thing one might think of when herbal tea is mentioned. However, rose hip tea tastes like apples and plums, and is rich in antioxidants.

Simple Method To Turn Your Herbs Into Delious Tea

Firtly start by washing your herbs to ensure you dont get any free dirt in your tasty tea. Select about a quarter of a cup worth of herbs. Use more or less based on your taste. For ice tea double the amount used.

Heat your water to boiling point and tip over your herb leaves. This can be in a the bottom of a tea pot or strainer. Leave to steep for 5 – 10 minutes depending on your liking. If you are using hips same process apply just cut them in half.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

Feel free to check out our other growing guides and caring guides.

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